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Lorna Hines Two-Day Course: Advanced Sales Training
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Thursday & Friday - July 23 & 24, 2020
Offered Online!
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Two Dynamic Days!
Thursday & Friday 
July 23 & 24, 2020

This two-day course is offered online. After you register and complete the course enrollment we will email you a confirmation of your course registration, Zoom invites for both days of the course and your course materials. 

Thursday: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm 
Friday: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

The two-day course tuition is $495.
Advanced, paid, confirmed registration is required to enroll in all Lorna Hines Courses. An installment plan is available. Please see below for the course tuition payment options.


Option 1:  A single payment in full of $495 per participant for the two day course and course materials.

Option 2:  Two installments. The amount of $250 is due at the time of registration and a second payment of $245 is automatically billed to your credit card 30 days later via PayPal.
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A life changing course! Come learn a different way of conducting the Real Estate business! Think outside the "agent box" and put on the client's hat. Gain keen insight into human nature and have more fun with less stress! 

Jump Start Your Real Estate Business with Lorna's MOST REQUESTED course!

This is the OPEN HOUSE & MAKE THE APPOINTMENT course that brokers, office managers and real estate sales professionals request most often. Learn the processes and strategies for the VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE and VIRTUAL APPOINTMENTS.

When you MASTER and USE the powerful dialogues you will learn in this course, you will IMMEDIATELY be able to make appointments at open house.

You will discover how to...
  • Make appointments at the first meeting 
  • Quit chasing leads
  • Take listings at open house
  • Meet a stranger and create a client in minutes
  • Put accountability where it belongs 
  • Maintain control over yourself and your client
  • Add value to your vocabulary
  • Move forward with greater confidence
  • Successfully address the issues that come up in life as a real estate sales professional.

The Art of Friendly Persuasion...

  • New Feature! Creating Client Control
  • You will discover fast & easy strategies for helping your client through difficult situations
  • You will learn how to help the client feel in control and happy
  • You will learn closes for helping frustrated buyers step up and get what they want
  • You will learn closes for helping sellers accept offers
  • You will receive a blueprint for developing wonderful client relationships and consistent client referrals
  • Keep your deals smooth and close them faster & easier
Understand the difference between…

  • Selling commission & selling value
  • Giving away your money & going out to get your client’s money 
  • Selling at a selling presentation & selling to a buyer  
  • Signing to build your business & signing to kill your business

 Discover open house strategies that work…

  • Marketing for virtual open house  
  • Convert a stranger into a client within minutes
  • Building a strong listing inventory 
  • Stop chasing leads & starting making appointments  
  • Eliminate blow away dialogue such as “I already have an agent.”

Learn to work effectively with buyers…

  • The only two ways buyers buy  
  • The shortest route to a decision  
  • The “three days or less” showing process
  • The four steps buyers need to go through
  • The “shopping for money” interview  
  • The “magic buyer” questions
  • The interview process that builds confidence & loyalty

You will master powerful buyer dialogues for…

  • Do you have a flyer?  
  • I’m just looking.  
  • We are not ready to buy.  
  • We still need to sell our house.  
  • We live in the neighborhood.
  • I’ll call you when I’m ready.  
  • It isn’t in our price range.  
  • We’re looking for a friend.
  • We don’t need to move.  
  • I’m in a hurry!
  • Do you have a card?  
  • I want to see more houses.  
  • I don’t want to negotiate.  
  • If I don’t get my price, then I’m not selling.
  • What do you think my house should sell for?  
  • I already gave up my money.
Two-Day Course Tuition $495
Installment Plan Available
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