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Welcome Current Coaching Members!


The Listing Course: Finding and Taking Listings will be offered online by Lorna on October 22 AND 23, 2020 from 10 am to 2 pm on BOTH DAYS. This course is open to current coaching members. We will send you a Zoom invites for this course. The Zoom invites will also be posted to your coaching website. 



Q: Do I need to register for Lorna Hines Two-Day Courses?
A: As a current coaching member you are automatically enrolled in the two-day courses based on your location (see above and/or your coaching website for further details) throughout the duration of your coaching program. You do not need to register for these courses. Please see your coaching schedule for more information. If you are unable to attend an event please contact us as soon as possible. Thank you!

How do I access the coaching members-only website?

A: Please see the links below. Click the link that corresponds to your coaching program. You will need your user email address and password to access your coaching program members-only website. 

Q: I have forgotten my coaching website password. How do I reset it?

A: Go to your coaching website (see links below) and click the "Forgot Your Password?" link to reset your password.

Q: Where can I find the coaching member schedule?
A: The coaching member schedule is available in hard copy during your coaching workshops with Lorna Hines. The coaching schedule is also posted as a PDF on your coaching members-only website.

Q: How do I make a coaching payment?
A: All coaching installments made by credit card, debit card or e-check are processed via PayPal. A PayPal account is not required. Please see the PayPal payment button below. Enter the amount you are paying at this time. Review, confirm and submit your payment. PayPal will email you a receipt and we will update your account accordingly. 

Q: Do I need to register for my Pinnacle Program or Quest for the Best one-day coaching workshops?
A: As a current coaching member you are automatically enrolled in your specific coaching program workshops and the two-day courses open to the public and offered in your region throughout the duration of your coaching program. Please see your coaching schedule for more information.

Q: If I cannot attend a two-day course or my coaching workshop what should I do?

A: Your coaching program is an accountability program. It is very important that you contact us immediately and at least one week prior if you will not be attending a one-day coaching workshop OR two-day training course. Please keep in mind that we automatically reserve your seat and prepare your materials for every event you are eligible to attend. The most successful coaching members participate fully
in all Lorna Hines Two-Day Courses and Quest for the Best or Pinnacle Coaching Workshops.

Q: How do I make-up a missed course or coaching workshop?
A: Given the dynamic and timely nature of your coaching program there are no make up opportunities for missed Lorna Hines Two-Day Courses or for your Quest for the Best or Pinnacle Coaching Workshops. Please be sure to make arrangements in advance with a fellow coaching member for notes and/or materials.

Q: Whom do I speak with regarding my coaching materials, strategies, goals and/or dialogues?
A: The Quest for the Best and Pinnacle coaching programs are exclusive coaching programs in which coaching members work directly with Lorna Hines. Your coaching workshops are your best opportunity to speak with Lorna directly. If you would prefer to speak with Lorna in addition to your coaching workshops please see your coaching schedule or coaching members-only website for Lorna's direct line for coaching members. If Lorna is not available at the time of your call please be sure to leave a detailed message for her. Lorna responds to all telephone calls within 24 hours.

Please click the "Pay Now" button below to make coaching payment online. Please allow a few seconds to be redirected to the PayPal payment page. ENTER THE AMOUNT YOU INTEND TO PAY ON THE PAYPAL PAYMENT PAGE.  PayPal is the payment processor.  A PayPal account is NOT required. If you do not have a PayPal account simply click the "Don't have a PayPal account?" link on the PayPal payment page. You may pay by credit/debit card or bank transfer. PayPal will email you a receipt to the email address you use to process your transaction. Thank you!

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