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Rave Reviews

“There is an energy about Lorna and her training… a positive and ‘can do’ and ‘make it happen’ focus that works. After 20 years in the business I met Lorna and discovered dialogues that work. Lorna’s approach is simple and direct. Best of all it works!”

"I have recently joined Lorna Hines and it's been nothing short of amazing. I feel like I come out of the seminars on Real Estate Happy pills. Lorna and the people she works with are so energetic, positive, and it's an amazing professional networking group. Lorna is a real professional and really knows how to help you sell and get all your commission. It's really worth every penny."

“Lorna has empowered me. She has made real estate fun again… Lorna’s dialogues work. Use them and have fun with it! Best class I have ever taken!”

“It matters not how long you’ve been in real estate, nor how successful you’ve been, Lorna Hines has an abundance of exciting information for you! It is a career changing experience!”

“Do not miss this opportunity! Had I used Lorna’s techniques and dialogues 10 years ago, I would now be retired! Stop wasting your time being a “host” at open house and learn how to make open house your best opportunity to make more money. Lorna will teach you how!”

“Lorna Hines is a beacon of light on the road to becoming a successful real estate agent. She establishes a road map and, if you follow it, you will get to where you want to go. As Lorna says, “Real Estate is about people” and she is a master at knowing how to address the concerns of buyers and sellers. Her courses are about selling real estate, and whether the topic is negotiation, closing, listing, or working with buyers, she simplifies the process so that it makes sense... With Lorna’s guidance, you can achieve your goals and be as successful as you aim to be.”

“You have made real estate fun again… You make it so easy! Everyone should take your courses!”

“As a former sales trainer and executive for Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical companies, I was skeptical about attending another sales seminar. Lorna is unlike any other. She has a gift for teaching those who are already very skilled and successful as well as those who are just starting out. Lorna has taught me to build value in myself as well as my business. After one year of attending Lorna’s coaching classes, my volume is already beyond what I thought it could be!”

“After 23 years of real estate sales, I thought I knew it all, but I learned so much from this course… it was well worth the money.”

“I have been in Lorna’s coaching for a year now, but have taken her classes over the past few years. I can say that Lorna and her dialogues have directly affected my ability to close sales and double my business each year. I look forward to more years with control over my business along with the ability and confidence to make it happen. Thank you so much Lorna.”

“Lorna is the ‘real deal’. She brings a wealth of information from her own experiences as a top producer. Lorna provides clear, concise dialogue to use in all situations. Whether you’re a new agent or a veteran, investing in Lorna’s classes will increase your confidence and production.” “I have taken a lot of classes, this is #1… it is easy to accept the dialogues because they are based in truth.”

“After 20 years in the business, I thought I knew how to sell real estate. The first time I heard Lorna, I knew there was a better way for me, my clients and for the other agents I work with. Lorna is about dialogue so I know what to say to make it work. If you are thinking about working with Lorna, I strongly urge you to go for it. It will increase your income and your satisfaction with this business.”

“Your keen insight into human nature and your ability to distill and communicate the truth in each sales situation is amazing. It’s all presented with wit and clarity and has made real estate fun again for me. Thank you. Thank you.”

“My sellers and buyers are so grateful to me and have noticed a change in my negotiation style, I let them know I have been working on that with the best coach in the world. I am closing in on my BEST YEAR ever in real estate.”

“The benefits of the course are numerous, but most important are: Lorna’s keen insight into human nature and sure grasp of negotiating skills – combine to remind, instruct, and enhance us in all the best there is to real estate relationships, communications, and transactions. For me, Lorna has made real estate fun again!”

“Lorna provides a clear picture of how to focus on being a great sales presenter and makes you a far superior agent than your competition. Her ability to think outside the box is phenomenal! If you want to go to the next level, take these classes!”

“I would recommend Lorna’s classes to anyone in the Real Estate profession, whether the agent is a beginner or is a seasoned agent. For me it has offered a whole new way of thinking regarding the negotiation process. I only wish I had been able to take this class years ago. Lorna is the best!”

“I have been selling real estate for 13 years and during this time I have taken many real estate seminar courses on how to improve my production. This is the first course that has given me strategic negotiating tools to effectively and significantly improve my production while better understanding which negotiating tools I should use and to understand those used by other agents.”

“Lorna Hines class is the best investment in myself that I have ever made!”

“Lorna is an extremely upbeat instructor with a deep and direct understanding of the Real Estate profession. She illuminates the art of negotiation in every aspect: agent to agent, agent to client and client to client. Her insight crystallizes what good agents instinctively know or develop through many years of experience. I especially like her emphasis on non-confrontation and letting everyone be a winner. I’ve had 20 years experience and have learned a lot.”

“I wish I would have had this course ten years ago. It has changed my real estate life completely. It has also given me a more positive attitude that things will work because I now have a solid way to deal with specific situations. Thank you, Lorna, from the bottom of my heart!”

“This course is imperative for any of us in real estate, as well as for our own life experience… I have learned to use strategies to better service my clients and my own life.”

“Lorna, your classes have reminded me of the power I already have and the value I bring to my business!” “You have made real estate fun again… You make it so easy! Everyone should take your courses!”

“After 23 years of real estate sales, I thought I knew it all, but I learned so much from this course… it was well worth the money.”

“It’s the best Real Estate course I’ve ever taken! I feel that it will put me on the fast track to get to where I want to be.”

“Take a good look at your business and how you do it, then take Lorna’s class and learn how to make it easier to do your business and be wildly successful in negotiating your clients’ best interest.”