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Lorna Hines Two-Day Course
THE CLOSING COURSE - Customized for Today's Market!
Thursday & Friday, August 27 & 28, 2020

Customized for Today's Market!

AUGUST 27 & 28, 2020


10:00 AM TO 2:00 PM (BOTH DAYS)

This two-day course is offered online. After you register and complete the course enrollment we will email you a confirmation of your course registration, Zoom invites for both days of the course and your course materials. 

The two-day course tuition is $495 per participant.
Advanced, paid, confirmed registration is required to enroll in all Lorna Hines Courses. No registration at the door, please. There are no group, team, partner, spouse, assistant discounts available for this course.

Option 1:  One payment of $495

Option 2:  Two payments (credit card only).  The amount of $250 is due at the time of registration and a second payment of $245 is automatically billed to your credit card 4 weeks later. 
No approval process required.
All credit card payments are processed by PayPal.
A PayPal account is NOT required.


Closing is a skill and it can be learned!
Dramatically increase your income by polishing your closing skills.
Master powerful & easy closes for more sales.

After participating in customized two-day course...

You will increase your ability to make more appointments, write more contracts and take more listings.
You will be able to close sooner, closer easier, and close more often.
You will discover how to ask without feeling high pressure and achieve greater confidence to always ask and overcome the fear of closing.
You will master powerful closing dialogues for listing presentations, offer negotiations, buyer showings, open houses, floor time and ad calls.
You will discover...

Why it matters that you... close!
What keeps you from the... close!
How to keep from choking at the... close!
How to keep from feeling "pushy" when you... close!
What to say in today's market to effectively... close!
Why fear keeps you from the... close!

You will receive...

Effective closes that will dramatically change your success level
The four basic strategies that result in you becoming a great closer.
The five basic requirements for becoming a skillful closer.
Closing techniques that will change your life and take you to top production.
The confidence to overcome your fear of closing.
Closing dialogues to address the specific objection in any market.

You will master closes for...

Overcoming objections at the appointment.
Closing buyers effectively in today's market.
Closing sellers for price reductions.
Countering buyer and seller remorse.
Closing yourself & overcoming your own fear.

 You’ve heard it all…

I’m just on vacation and looking in the area…
I’ve always wanted to live here…
We just came in for a few days and we are curious about the area…
We are just looking for a second home and this is one of the areas we are interested in...
We are looking for a second home, but we aren’t in any hurry…
Can you send us information and update us on your market?

We are thinking about moving here, but we want to see what happens with the market.

Now, after this course you can do something about it!

Learn to meet them
Learn to greet them
Learn to ask the right questions

Learn to close “NOW”

After participating in this course you will know how to…

Stop chasing leads and start making appointments
Make an appointment in the first FIVE minutes
Find and close for listing appointments
Convert a stranger into a client
Identify the “NOW” buyers and sellers
Ask the “magic” buyer and seller questions
Speed up the buying process

Speed up the reduction process to achieve faster sales

You will be able to…

Close without pressure or fear
Move people from “just looking” to “let’s just do it!”
Achieve greater confidence to always ask
Master powerful closing dialogues
Build your value with everyone you meet
Use effective closes that will dramatically change your success level

Internalize the four basic strategies that result in your becoming a great closer.


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