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Lorna Hines Two-Day Courses

Lorna Hines Two-Day courses are announced four weeks prior to the event start date.
To receive course announcments please click here. We look forward to welcoming you to an event soon!

Advanced Sales Training - A Life Changing Course

Come learn a different way of conducting the real estate business! Think outside the ‘agent box’ and put on the client’s hat. Gain keen insight into human nature and have more fun with less stress! You will discover how to make appointments at the first meeting and quit chasing leads, take listings at open house, meet a stranger and create a client in minutes, put accountability where it belongs, maintain control over yourself and your client, add value to your vocabulary, move forward with greater confidence, and successfully address the issues that come up in life as a real estate agent. In this course you will master open house strategies and dialogues that will make open house worth tens of thousands of dollars!

The Buyer Challenge - Working Successfully with Buyers & Sellers

Practice intensive buyer interviewing techniques. Refine and accelerate the buyers process. Practice strategies for building long term buyer loyalty. Prepare for working with buyers in an adjusting market. The Buyer Challenge course topics include Identifying “NOW” Buyers; The In Depth Buyers Interview; Addressing the Fear; Showings; Writing for Buyers; Negotiating for Buyers; Keeping Buyers Motivated; Closing; and Working Successfully with Buyers.

Real Estate Negotiation - Know What to Say and When to Say It

Take a deep dive into the art of negotiation. Learn strategic negotiation dialogues and resolve conflict quickly. Develop the confidence and ability to feel the endless potential of this business. Know what to say in any situation to get what you and the client are working toward. Practice negotiation strategies and make the business less stressful… and even fun! You will learn the answers that work for the toughest questions that come in the process of negotiating with buyers, sellers and other agents!

The Closing Course - Dramatically Increase Your Income by Polishing Your Closing Skills

Closing is a skill... and it can be learned! Learn to close without pressure or fear. You will increase your ability to make more appointments, write more contracts, and take more listings. You will be able to close sooner, easier, and more often. You will gain greater confidence to always ask and you will learn to ask without feeling high pressure. You will learn powerful closing dialogues for open house, ad calls, floor time, buyer showings, listing presentations, and offer negotiations.

The Listing Course - Finding & Selling Listings

The most comprehensive and focused course on listing in the Real Estate business today. Immerse yourself in the process of listing and the results will be unlimited success. The Listing Camp will help you find listings easier, take listings faster and sell listings sooner! Your ability to list quickly and sell your listings faster will give you more listings, better clients, higher income and more quality time.

The Listing Presentation - Walk Away with the Listing!

The focus of Listing Presentation is on marketing and advertising methods and techniques. Learn powerful reduction and extension dialogues for successful transactions. Learn to separate yourself from the crowd. Keep yourself from being eliminated while eliminating the competition. Master sales and closing dialogues for overcoming difficult situations that develop during the listing and escrow period.

Fast-Paced Selling - Unleash Your Potential & Increase Your Production

Adjust your pace in every part of the business, give more direction with greater results, increase the level of expectation for yourself and your client, resolve difficult situations with expertise and speed, say the right thing at the right time and achieve the right result. You will identify NOW in every part of the business and build urgency in everyone involved for moving forward. Learn how to manage multiple transactions, create a listing inventory for consistent cash flow, close escrows faster and more consistently, design effective buyer tours to help clients arrive at a decision sooner and avoid the real estate roller coaster!

Advanced Real Estate Negotiation

Fast paced, structured, and in-depth. Study the most effective negotiating strategies and their application to real estate negotiation. Designed for the serious negotiator whose goal it is to take their skill to the next level. This results oriented program includes practice negotiations, group interaction, and an overview of how other cultures negotiate. This course is only available through the Quest for the Best or Pinnacle Coaching Programs.

The Commission Course - Selling Your Value as a Real Estate Professional

The Commission Course is a program designed to help you recognize, understand, and build your value as a Real Estate professional... and be paid your full commission! You will learn incredibly effective dialogues, develop the ability to meet a stranger and create a client, and realize skills that will help you stop chasing leads and start making appointments. You will overcome devaluation dialogue and will have the answers to the most challenging commission questions.

Business Planning Conference - Jump Start Your New Year

Prepare yourself for a phenomenal year of success! Revitalize yourself and your business with two intensive & dynamic days of learning, planning, hard work & excitement! Lorna Hines’ Annual Business Planning Conference is a two-day event featuring dynamic business management strategies, motivating goal setting techniques, creative marketing ideas, and effective & powerful dialogues that will help you get where you want to go faster and easier! Come rested and ready to work on your business plan for the New Year! This course is only available through the Quest for the Best or Pinnacle Coaching Programs.

Lorna Hines Customized Courses (Exclusive Presentations)

Lorna Hines Customized Two-Day courses are solution based courses customized for your company's specific market and goals. Please contact us here for further information.